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  • Girl fashion

    25 September 2014

    Great handbag bought at Zara.

  • Fashion Legends

    24 September 2014

    As all of you know our world is and was full of fashion legends. I'm sure you can name at least one because they are everywhere, literally. How do I know this? Because of the simple fact that I'm writing this in one of the big red buses on the way to...

  • The film that I am watching

    28 September 2014

  • Sending a virtual hug to all our subscribers!

    11 October 2014

  • Youtube

    18 January 2016 ( #Fill Your Feed )

    Hey guys, just a really quick post, go check out DIYWORLD101, she's a really cool and new you tuber...

  • Photo shoot

    20 January 2015

    hi, okay so yo've seen the blog ____ posted about the fashion shoot... SOOOO excited!!! and, as ____ said, anyone can join just em@il us at PS:if too many people enter, i'm sorry to say but there will be auditions...

  • Introduction to the two anonymous pre-teens that created this blog!

    22 September 2014

    The Queen is never late, everyone else is simply early. Julie Andrews

  • Introducing two amazing pre-teens

    22 September 2014

    A queen is never late, everyone else is simply early Ok a little info for you guys: We are two girls that created this amazing blog. Please send this link to your friends!!!

  • New Year Resolution 2

    31 December 2015 ( #NY resolutions )

    2) Admit it when you're wrong. We all hate doing it, but when we do, we feel pretty proud.

  • New Year Resolution 3

    31 December 2015 ( #NY resolutions )

    3) Be healthy and look after yourself. Seriously, save money and go crazy in Lush. Or anywhere, and food-wise, for those of you who like salty stuff like crisps go for nuts like almonds and stuff, and for the sweet lovers, all I can really suggest is...

  • Sometimes school can kill you...

    22 September 2014

    OMG! I cannot believe it! I have to have maths support (along with 15 others...)! I really don't like maths because I don't learn anything, my teacher lets everyone chat and you don't learn anything. Then she gives you a surprise test and she thinks that...

  • Our Instagram...

    22 September 2014

    We now have an instagram account!! Its called fashion_devils_123, we hope you'll follow us!! THX!!

  • Instagram

    23 September 2014

    Ijust discovered insta! Thank you so much Luna,the other amazing pre-teen writing this blog too for creating an account. I think Luna posted the link to our account, it's called fashion_devils_123 Thank you again Luna! P.S. It's my birthday in two we...

  • Cape Town...

    19 October 2014

    Hey people! I am in Cape Town for 10 days so I'll have loads of pics for you guys to comment on or like!!

  • HOLIDAYS!!!!

    23 October 2014

    hi every amazing follower out there!!!! OK let's get to the point: hope you're all having amazing holidays sorry gtg to be continued...

  • Holidays

    24 October 2014

    hi all you amazing followers how are your hols i shall very nicely take that as a yes but anyway i am fealing particularly jealous because some of you are happily swimming in the sea while i am stuck writing this!!! anyway, have a great holiday see you...


    20 January 2015

    hi, remember to follow us on insta at @fashion_devils_123 or try pic collage now @fashiondevils123

  • Another quote...

    08 November 2015

    I forgive because I'm strong, not because I'm weak and I need all the friends I can get, but I remember. Friends should be there for you when you need them, not standing in the stalls laughing at your face. By me!

  • Inactivity issues...

    29 December 2015

    Sorry for not being active guys! We had a little argument... At least we're OK again! So I guess sorry! I really love this blog, so we're going to post again. Right now, my house has no wifi, my dad took my phone and I finally got my dad to lend me his...

  • New Year's resolution 1

    30 December 2015

    ​1) Don't hold grudges against people, forgive because you are a strong-minded person.

  • Food Poisoning!

    24 September 2014

    Okay I have to admit that was kind of mean but the RICE!!!!!!!

  • Email address

    26 September 2014

    Need fashion help or advice; contact us at our new email address: or just comment us on insta.

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